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Environment Monitoring System Pressure Gauges

Pressure Switch Sensors compatible with ENVIROMUX-16D

Pressure Switch Sensors

Pressure Switch Sensors

Pressure Switch Sensor
  • Diaphragm-actuated, pressure-indicating gauge with built-in electrical switch for tripping alarms and/or shutdown devices.
  • Specifically designed for protecting engines/equipment in oil field, marine, irrigation, construction and trucking applications to monitor engine lube pressure, water pump pressure, hydraulic pressure, air pressure, etc.
  • Measurement range:
    • ENVIROMUX-PS50: 0 to 50 psi
    • ENVIROMUX-PS150: 0 to 150 psi
  • Maximum pressure:
    • ENVIROMUX-PS50: 100 psi
    • ENVIROMUX-PS150: 300 psi
  • Accuracy: ±1.5 psi
  • Polycarbonate, break-resistant case and lens.
  • Process connection: 1/8-27 NPTM brass.
  • Accuracy and protection from moderate overpressure is assured by unitized diaphragm chamber.
  • Built-in pulsation dampener helps eliminate pointer flutter and is removable for cleaning.
  • Operating temperature: -40 to 150°F (-40 to 66°C).
  • Process temperature: -40 to 250°F (-40 to 121°C).
  • Screw terminal connection.
    • For outdoor applications, use the Outdoor 2-Wire Sensor Cable (ENVIROMUX-2WO-x) to locate the sensor up to 1,000 feet away from the ENVIROMUX unit.
  • Compatible with the ENVIROMUX-2D/5D/16D.
  • Regulatory approvals: CE
NTI Part # Measurement Range Quote
ENVIROMUX-PS50 0 to 50 psi
ENVIROMUX-PS150 0 to 150 psi

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