Environment Monitoring Dust Sensor

Fine particles, infrared emitting diode
IRED phototransistor RJ45, how to

Environment Monitoring System Dust Detectors

Dust Detection Sensors compatible with ENVIROMUX-16D

Dust Detection Sensors

Optical Dust Sensor

  • Detects the presence of dust and fine particles using an infrared emitting diode (IRED) and phototransistor.
  • Able to distinguish smoke from house dust.
  • RJ45 connector.
  • Voltage supply: 5VDC
  • Current consumption: < 50mA.
  • Support CAT5/5e/6 cable to 1,000 ft (305 m).
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) in: 5.9x2.3x1.2 (150x58x30 mm).
  • Operating temperature: 32 to 149°F (0 to 65°C).
  • Compatible with ENVIROMUX-2D/5D/16D.
    • ENVIROMUX-2D: only compatible with Rev C units (features two power inputs).
  • Regulatory compliance: RoHS.
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